Jingi-wala Galibal dubais

Traditional Aboriginal weavers and artists from Casino in northern NSW

Galibal Dubais are a group of Aboriginal women artists living in Casino in northern New South Wales. They have re-learned traditional basket weaving through an amazing discovery at The British Museum in London, and now make beautiful artworks and products that are available for display and often to buy!

So what was that discovery? Well in the late 1800s, non-Aboriginal people collected baskets from Galibal country (the traditional lands around Casino) and sent them back to London. A few years back, researchers at The British Museum realised that the Galibal weaving method was unique - it was only used by Aboriginal women from this area. It has been a powerful and empowering experience for descendants of women from pre-settlement times to re-learn the method and pass on the knowledge to the younger generation in the 21st century!

Galibal Dubais also produce paintings, artefacts and hand-dyed fabrics. The fabrics are produced by the batik method, but using leaves and other materials from Galibal country. These materials make natural colours and dyes, resulting in a contemporary style of fabric which is again only available from modern Aboriginal women in Galibal country!

These traditional and modern developments have taken the women and their work to exhibitions in Sydney and the National Museum in Canberra. In late 2014, it all goes full circle with an exhibition at The British Museum in London.

The women were also absolutely thrilled to be involved in the first-ever Australian Indigenous Fashion Week held in Sydney in April 2014. You can see some of the first pictures out in our News article.

They are quiet unassuming women who are making extraordinary works that truly keep them strong and proud in their Galibal and Aboriginal culture.

In this website, you will learn more about the artists, their work, and their techniques, and how they are sharing this knowledge with the next generation of Galibal dubais.

Wake Up Time Group

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Galibal Dubais

Formed around Aunty Phyllis in 2001, the group now includes Aunty Gwen Hickling, Gloria Torrens, Margaret Torrens, Teresa Bolt and more.

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